Hi everyone, and welcome to 2016.  Now that I am back from a bit of a rest, I hope that all of you experienced wonderful times during the Christmas-New Year’s celebrations.  Always time to be with family and friends, including our furry creatures.  I must say that, although I was not giving seminars / counselling in the last 1 ½ months, I have received many inquiries and many more calls and e-mails from people who are reaching out for support in their times of grieving.  And I am always pleased to be there for as many as need Pet Loss Canada.

               I just finished watching a movie titled “Safe Haven” which, without giving away the plot, especially the ending, blew me away.  But, also, as I watched, I started reflecting on our pets / animals who are looking to us for “Safe Haven”.  The big world, often very harsh and unforgiving, must be extremely frightening, especially for little critters.  But that is what you and I provide every day:  safe havens and loving care.  And what do we receive in return- their rent or lease payment if you wish?  Love.  Unconditional Love.  Irreplaceable Love.  What wonderful rewards for our efforts.  But there is a downside:  our pets / animals will eventually leave us.  Celebrate each and every day as a true gift of love.  I know that I do.  Finally, celebrate the lives of those animals / pets that touched our hearts and souls but our now gone.  They are no less important or significant to us- they left their mark and, hopefully, are in some other “safe haven”, somewhere.                              Brien

Pets, Often Forgotten

a chair, likely where a pet would be too

a chair, likely where a pet would be too

Let’s not neglect the pets, amidst the tragedies. This article is worth a read:

…it’s impossible to know how many animals died as result of Hurricane Katrina. But a modest estimate of 60,000 to 70,000 dead household pets is shocking by any measure. That the lives of so many “family” members could be sacrificed as a function of an official policy is more than a little disturbing even to those who don’t dote on their dog or cat.